May 2010

Gary Coleman's Death Reminds Me of my Childhood

Gary Coleman just died of a brain hemorrhage and I am starting to feel my age. I grew up with him on TV and religiously watched, “Different Strokes” whenever it aired. I’m pretty sure that I laughed loudly every single time he said, “What you talking about, Willis?” and to this day, that has remained a catch-phrase with many of my friends.

Gary Coleman is just a few years older than I am and while I don’t have the health problems that he has had, reading about the childhood stars from my youth like Corey Haim and Gary Coleman dying is a sad reminder that none of us are getting any younger and in all honesty, freaks me out. I even felt sad when I read the news that Andrew Andrew Koenig  (Boner of Growing Pains) committed suicide because watching the antics of the characters on “Growing Pains” was also part of my routine as a teenager.