June 2010

Another 'Golden Girl' Exits

Golden Girls' Rue McClanahan died today, Thursday June 3rd. The cause of death was a stoke. She was 76. Ms. McClanahan, the third cast member of the popular TV sit-com classic, 'The Golden Girls,' to pass away, played the character, Blanche Devereaux, the role that won her an Emmy Award. The series ran from 1985 to 1992. See the video.

Ms. McClanahan told The New York Times in an interview in 1985."Golden Girls" aimed to show "that when people mature, they add layers. They don't turn into other creatures. The truth is we all still have our child, our adolescent, and your young woman living in us."

I remember watching her on Maude, the sit-con the starred her "Golden Girl" co-star, the late Bea, and on Mama's Family, with Vicki Lawrence and Ken Berry. She was a very good comic performer.

Rue McClanahan (February 21, 1934 – June 3, 2010), R.I.P.