May 2011

Flavors of the 80s: Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing may have been invented in the 1950s, but it surged to national prominence during the 1980s. This delicious topping is as quintessentially a 1980s flavor as pesto or Jolt Cola!

Ranch dressing had its humble beginnings with a homemade dressing that a man named Steve Henson developed. When he and his wife opened a dude ranch in 1954, they named it Hidden Valley Ranch, and they served Steve's special dressing there to their guests.

That's right: Hidden Valley Ranch is a real place!

The "Dancing in the Street" Music Video

The "Dancing in the Street" music video was featured on last night's episode of Family Guy. Although Peter Griffin set it up as "the gayest music video of all time," as I watched it I couldn't help but admire what a perfect time capsule of the 1980s it is.

But first and foremost, let's tackle the issue of the video's "gayness." The video features David Bowie and Mick Jagger, two men who have long been rumored to have carried on an affair in the 1970s. David Bowie is openly bisexual, and he and Jagger were at the very least very close friends for a very long time.

Their behavior in the video does little to dispel any lingering rumors: at several points they stare deeply into each other's eyes, often from a distance of only an inch or two at most.