September 2011

The Black Velvet Hair Bow

This is one of those things that was so ubiquitous in the 1980s, and so absent afterward, that I had completely forgotten it until I saw one recently. (I spotted Elaine wearing one in an early Seinfeld episode.)
This artifact of the 1980s got its start in the "luxe" fashion trend. It was all about Gordon Gecko, Wall Street, stiletto heels, big poofy hair, and designer labels like Chanel and Gucci. I think it might have originally started with a hair decoration for equestriennes going fox hunting and other such upper-class horsey pursuits.
I mean, velvet, obviously! Super fancy!

The Cosby Show: The Infamous Shirt, Cosby Sweaters, and More


If The Cosby Show was one of the pinnacles of television in the 1980s, then the infamous episode with "the shirt," being the pinnacle of The Cosby Show, must also surely be the pinnacle of all 1980s television.
Even people who remember nothing else about The Cosby Show will remember this episode. Theo desperately desires a fancy shirt from designer Gordon Gartrelle. His sister Denise, woefully overestimating her own abilities as a seamstress, offers to make him one by hand for a fraction of the cost.