May 2012

Carnation Breakfast Bars Fed A Generation

Sweet, filling, and gritty but in a good way

You don't hear much nostalgia for Carnation Breakfast Bars, but they are a touchstone of the 1980s that can bring a misty look back into the eye of many a Gen X-er. We were a generation of latchkey children, and we ate Carnation Breakfast Bars after school, after walking home alone and letting ourselves into the house with our own house key. 
It felt so grown up, so mature, to go home and let yourself in and fix yourself a snack without adult intervention. But it felt lonely, too. And as long as we were unsupervised, we were tempted to get an unhealthy sweet treat. Who would know? 
Our parents knew, which is why they bought us Carnation Breakfast Bars.