August 2012

80s computer graphics: System 6 and Shatter

Oh those beautiful chunky dot matrix pixels!

This Metafilter post pointed me to a nifty online tool, which then transported me right back to the 80s. Programmer Gaspar Kortesi has created an in-browser tool to turn any image into something straight out of Mac's System 6. Oh, the dots! Those beautiful dots!

I grabbed a random image from my computer, and as soon as it was rendered in System 6 splendor I was instantly transported back to my high school newspaper class. We published a school paper done entirely on a Mac Classic. It was a painstaking work of love, since it wasn't an official school paper. I'm not even sure if we got school credit for it. But it felt like the future, to be making something like a school paper entirely on the computer.
That was about the time I discovered the comic Shatter, which also felt like the future. It was the first comic book created entirely on a computer. How revolutionary and bizarre it seemed, to imagine someone creating all that art with a computer mouse!