August 2017

Where is Your 80s Crush Now?

Last week, we talked about our crushes from the 1980s. Remember when Drew Barrymore told Jimmy Fallon that if she followed her crush, she'd be married to Scott Baio by now in the film Fever Pitch? Some of us cringe over the crushes we harbored years ago (I am sheepish about my Tom Cruise crush) while others still relish in them. I have a friend who follows the New Kids on the Block when they're playing nearby! 

80s Heartthrobs

As a Xennial, I grew up in the 80s and had plenty of crushes to prove it. One of my biggest crushes, pictured here, was the late great River Phoenix, an actor who not only far surpassed many of the actors of today in skill during his brief life but passed away way too young due to drugs. His story remains a cautionary tale of tragedy even today as young actors still continue to die from overdosing.