September 2017

Things to Hate About the 80s

Just look at that photo. Ronald Reagan was president for most of the 1980s. See? There was plenty to hate about the decade. The yuppy mentality presented via allegory in American Psycho is one of the worst things to develop in that time period, but Reaganomics, which is why corporations are largely considered to have the same rights as people today, is also a product of that time.

You Might Be An 80s Kid If...

You've heard the phrase, "You might be a redneck if..." The famous Foxworthy joke has mutated into hundreds of variations, one of which is "You might be an 80s kid if..." So if you are an 80s kid, think about what this means to you! You might be an 80s kid if...

You watched Punky Brewster after school.

You woke up with Mr. Rogers or Big Bird as a preschooler.

You had a crush on Michael Jackson or Madonna.

You sang the lyrics to Small Wonder, Who's the Boss or Out of This World.

80s Stars Who Died Too Young

Alright, xennials, millennials and other-ials: we all have an 80s favorite star who died way too young. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? It feels strange to feel so devastated over the deaths of peope that we really didn't know in person, but these were people we looked up to, had crushes on and invited into our homes via the radio and television on a regular basis.

Stylin' 80s Hair

Whether it's a teased cloud of puffiness or a spiky Mohawk, 80s hair is still all the rage in some circles. Some of these circles may be Halloween-only, but there are plenty of people who still use an entire can of hairspray every month. Recently I had to do an 80s look for a scavenger hunt and was completely unable to pull it off. Between not having the hairspray to just not really knowing the technique, I ended up with lackluster bangs and not very frizzy hair (which is funny since my hair does frizz when the humidity rises!).