November 2017

Fun 80s Gifts for the Holidays

It's the perfect year to give gifts that are stuck in the 80s. Not only are people super nostalgic for the time period what with Stranger Things taking over the place, but plenty of people are still practically living in this time period. Just look at the hair that belongs to the people around you! All kidding aside, there are some pretty cool 80s gifts that you could give to the people you care about this holiday.

80s Hollywood Names Associated with Sex Crimes

80s lovers everywhere are just dumbfounded as news of more and more sexual misconduct cases are reported by victims who finally feel safe enough to do so. While some are standing by the actors, directors and people in power being accused, demanding that they be innocent until proven guilty, many more are finally listening to the victims as they share their stories. 

Throwback Shows We Need

Between all of the remakes, blasts from the past and even new programs that are based on nostalgia like Stranger Things, television shows based on the past are all the rage right now. But have we reached the peak of the nostalgic TV era? Or is there more we can look forward to? While some might argue that there are, in fact, too MANY of these programs (and movies) being released, others may say that they are anxious for much more.