December 2017

80s Dance Series Coming to Fox

Fox is jumping on the 80s train with a new program that is sure to get fans of the 1980s excited. Called "Pose," the series will be a dance musical set in the 1980s in New York. Could the title be a reference to Madonna? We'll have to wait and see! The scripted show will have lots of LGBTQ characters, which sounds a lot like Fox trying to keep up with the times to me, but I'm looking forward to the show. 

Parenting Your Telepathic Daughter

If you're blue over being finished with the second season of Stranger Things long before you were ready to finish it like most people, the series Twitter feed may have some solace for you. They always have something fun or cute going on, and today it's a "Rules for Raising Your Teenage Telekinetic Daughter," starring David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown. Check out the thread to get a dose of your favorite sherriff and 80s throwback telekinetic kid! 

Your 80s Wardrobe

If you have held on to your 1980s wardrobe for any reason, you probably A. love the 80s and B. either wish you knew of a place to wear them more often or already know of a few places that will work! If you know of some great events, locations and conferences where you can wear 80s fashion, be sure to comment in the chat and post your photos if you have them. 

In the meantime, try some of these ideas to better feature your 80s wardrobe...

More Gifts for Your 80s Lover

Still looking for that perfect gift for your loved one who is stuck in the 80s? (And that might even mean a tween, given that many of them want to live in the world of Stranger Things!) Here are some more great ideas for your favorite 80s fan.

Fun geometric earrings

Madonna gloves

Molly Ringwald DVDs

80s karaoke mixes (and a machine if they don't have one!)

Retro candy

rubber jelly bracelets