Brett Michaels' "Pets Rock"

Brett Michaels' "Pets Rock"

Brett designs pet clothes.

This week I learned that one of my idols as a teenager, Brett Michaels, will be releasing a line of pet clothing in PetSmart called “Pets Rock.”  Brett Michaels is the lead singer of one of the premier hair metal bands of the 80s, Poison.  In my opinion, this will be Brett’s final step in turning in his “Cool Card.” 

Brett has done other projects in the past besides being the front man of Poison.  He is of course a singer/ songwriter.  He’s done movies before.  He’s been on several reality TV shows including Brett Michaels’ Rock of Love and Celebrity Apprentice.  Even through his several incarnations on TV and the big screen I was somehow able to remember him owning the crowd on stage with Poison.  With this move he seems to be (at least in my mind) separating himself a little bit from his rock icon status.   Pet clothing? Seriously?

Now, imagine this.  I’m Rufus from Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure.  I travel back in time to you in 1988 in my phone booth.  I then tell you that Axl Rose is still the front man of Guns ‘n Roses but Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven are no longer in the band.  I also tell you that Kiss is still rocking out and that they’ve gotten back together with Peter & Ace and parted ways with them…again. 

Kiss has their makeup on again.  Gene Simmons is a business genius.  Ozzy Osbourne is a reality TV star and is seen as an upstanding family man.  Jani Lane is dead and Bret Michaels designs a line of pet clothing.  After you’re done recovering from your initial shock, which one would you find harder to believe?