Must-Have ‘80s Mixes For Your Workout

Must-Have ‘80s Mixes For Your Workout

Oldies are my favorite songs to work out to, hands-down. But sometimes you just need some of that big-hair, Cindy Lauper goodness of the ‘80s to keep your spirit soaring while you move your body. Plus, I’m a child of the ‘80s, so it’s probably in my blood. What are your favorite ‘80s songs to work out to? In addition to pretty much every single song on The Wrestler soundtrack, here are some of mine.

“I Won’t Back Down”

Really, I could move to anything that comes out of Tom Petty’s mouth (or Sam Elliott’s; if you haven’t heard his version, you definitely need to check it out), but this one is particularly great for the elliptical trainer and other machines.

“I Remember You”

This Skid Row hit always gives me a burst of adrenaline when I think I can’t move any more, particularly when that guitar just rips through the song—and when Sebastain Back strangely-hotly screams, “I remember you!”

“Start Me Up”

This Rolling Stones hit is barely a member of the ‘80s scene, having been released in 1981, but it’s still perfect for any workout. Anything by the Stones is great for moving your body, really; I also like to play “Paint It Black,” “Don’t Stop,” and “Street Fighting Man” when I’m walking.

Anything By Cyndi Lauper

Like Steve Carrell in Date Night, I could really dig Cyndi at any time—of my life or hers! “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Good Enough” (which always makes me think of The Goonies) are some favorites.

“Buffalo Stance”

I don’t know why I love this one hit wonder from Nenah Cherry so much, but I always play it when I’m in the mood for a retro ‘80s workout. You know, I think it’s the whole, “Who’s looking good today?” refrain, which sounds like a super positive trainer crooning in your ear.

“Living On a Prayer”

This song by Bon Jovi, also known as my middle sister’s and my “song,” would jostle the most stoic person to movement.

“Pride (In the Name of Love”

U2 will always get me going, but this song is both meaningful and paced perfectly for walking. Every time it comes on the radio, I get the urge to move.

“Ordinary World”

This gorgeous Duran Duran ballad (also known as my pick for the X-Men movie theme song, way back before they made and butchered my favorite series on film) is perfect for cooling down.

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