Perms Are Making A Comeback

Have you heard that perms are making a big comeback? Even salons that have never had perms on the menu before have been asked to do them, and the reason why is simple: it's not as harsh on your hair as it used to be. Curls might have been all the rage in the 80s but today the beach blowout has wavy and curly hair back in style. It's just a much more natural-looking style with fewer chemicals that do hair damange. 

Jeff Goldblum Themed Pop Tarts

Oh, Internet. Sometimes you are so weird yet perfect we can't help but hug you. Take, for example, the people pairing different flavors of Pop-Tarts with one of our favorite 80s (and current) movie actors, Jeff Goldblum.  Don't get too excited; nobody is making Jeff Goldblum faces on Pop-Tarts, or even naming them after the star. They're just choosing current flavors to match his looks. It's still hilarious and you have to see it!

80s Trend Revivals

As an 80s kid who raised my own kid on The Goonies, Back to the Future and Care Bears, I have to say that the revival of 80s culture and trends doesn't bother me in the slightest. Yesterday I spotted an elderly woman wearing a bright jacket with patterns much like the one I wore in the late 80s/early 90s (to be fair, I'm a Millennial who was born in the early 80s, so I wasn't a teenager until the 90s) and I had to compliment her. It was pretty cool!

Stress Relief, 80s Style

Did you know that it's been confirmed that playing Tetris is an excellent form of stress relief? I'm not surprised at all. Tetris was my all-time favorite game as a kid. I even loved it more than Super Mario Brothers 3, which was such a cool game I still play it to this day. Experts say that it really helps you focus on the moment rather than worrying about the past or future.

80s Excess

The claim that millennials ruin everything is so irritating not only because anyone young is often considered a millennial (some of us are in our mid-30s, thanks, and the yongest of us are 22), but because we 80s kids are being blamed for industries tanking when it's really not our fault. (That's not to say nothing is our fault; plenty of other things are!) The 80s showed us a time of excess, where people bought, bought, bought and wasted, wasted, wasted despite Captain Planet's warnings.

Best Nostalgic Photos From the 1980s

When it comes to photos of the 1980s, many of us cringe over the outrageous hairstyles, fashions and colors. There's really nothing to be ashamed of if you styled it high with Aquanet or wore a jacket so bright it glowed (like I did); it was considered fashionable at the time. In the 2020s we'll look back at this time and cringe over some choices made as well. I'm already questioning the "on fleek" thing.

How Well Do You Know the 80s?

Whether you're from the 80s or just really interested in 80s culture, you may consider yourself pretty well-versed on all things 80s. Maybe you were mad for Madonna and Michael Jackson, rocking the fingerless gloves. Maybe you had leg warmers to die for. Whatever memories from the 1980s that you carry, you can put them to use in these fun 80s trivia games to test your knowledge!

80s Moms vs. Today's Halloween Moms

A funny video regarding moms in the 1980s versus moms today in regards to Halloween has been circulating the Internet. While some moms are saying that it's spookily accurate, others say that they think it's the opposite. The video, for example, argues that today's moms begin planning Halloween in August, crafting elaborate costumes when 1980s moms threw a sheet over their kids' heads for a quick last minute costume. The thing is, I know moms who do both now, and I knew moms who did both back in the 1980s.


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