1980 vs. 2020

Born in the early 80s, I couldn't remember 1980 itself if I wanted to, but I do remember how different my childhood was from the childhoods of today's youth. In many ways, today's youth have it much better; I don't think leaving your young kids parked in a car for a long time is great for them, especially when it's near the woods or outside a bar and they're terrified about what could happen and wonder where you've gone.

80s Trends We're Glad To See Go

At That 80s Blog, we love the 80s and often get nostalgic about everything from My Little Pony to Dungeons and Dragons, but that doesn't mean that we loved everything about that time period. The rise of consumerism, the politics and yes, much of the hair was cringe-worthy, and we're not nostalgic for much of that! In fact, many of the politics of the 80s led to the problems we have today.

80s Theme Party

Over the weekend, my family and I attended a mini con of sorts with a Stranger Things theme. My husband was Hopper, my teen was Steve Harrington and I was dead Barb, complete with a piece of rubber tackle attached with liquid latext to serve as a slug! It was fun, aside from the crowds, and all of the cool 80s decorations, food and themes had me craving an 80s theme party. A dance troupe who interpreted the show with three numbers, including "Material Girl," really got a lot of us in the 80s mood. 

Spirit Shop Will Help You Look Your 80s Best

Spirit Halloween stories are popping up like mushrooms after a storm and I, for one, am here for it. It's my favorite time of year and I love to see the new props, gadgets, decor and of course, costumes. This year there are some really retro Stranger Things costumes that will take your 80s game up to a whole new level, especially if you don't have anything in your house from the first time the 80s were a hit!

Perms Are Making A Comeback

Have you heard that perms are making a big comeback? Even salons that have never had perms on the menu before have been asked to do them, and the reason why is simple: it's not as harsh on your hair as it used to be. Curls might have been all the rage in the 80s but today the beach blowout has wavy and curly hair back in style. It's just a much more natural-looking style with fewer chemicals that do hair damange. 

Jeff Goldblum Themed Pop Tarts

Oh, Internet. Sometimes you are so weird yet perfect we can't help but hug you. Take, for example, the people pairing different flavors of Pop-Tarts with one of our favorite 80s (and current) movie actors, Jeff Goldblum.  Don't get too excited; nobody is making Jeff Goldblum faces on Pop-Tarts, or even naming them after the star. They're just choosing current flavors to match his looks. It's still hilarious and you have to see it!

80s Trend Revivals

As an 80s kid who raised my own kid on The Goonies, Back to the Future and Care Bears, I have to say that the revival of 80s culture and trends doesn't bother me in the slightest. Yesterday I spotted an elderly woman wearing a bright jacket with patterns much like the one I wore in the late 80s/early 90s (to be fair, I'm a Millennial who was born in the early 80s, so I wasn't a teenager until the 90s) and I had to compliment her. It was pretty cool!


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