Perms Are Making A Comeback

Have you heard that perms are making a big comeback? Even salons that have never had perms on the menu before have been asked to do them, and the reason why is simple: it's not as harsh on your hair as it used to be. Curls might have been all the rage in the 80s but today the beach blowout has wavy and curly hair back in style. It's just a much more natural-looking style with fewer chemicals that do hair damange. 

Best Nostalgic Photos From the 1980s

When it comes to photos of the 1980s, many of us cringe over the outrageous hairstyles, fashions and colors. There's really nothing to be ashamed of if you styled it high with Aquanet or wore a jacket so bright it glowed (like I did); it was considered fashionable at the time. In the 2020s we'll look back at this time and cringe over some choices made as well. I'm already questioning the "on fleek" thing.

80s Fashion for Saint Laurent

While plenty of 80s fashions have made a comeback in life, you can also sometimes spot them on the runway. Anthony Vaccarello portrayed a collection for Saint Laurent in Paris this week featuring shoulder pads, fur coats, leather shorts and other staples from the 80s with a twist: foregoing the typical colorful fashion of the time, these outfits were almost all black. 

Your 80s Wardrobe

If you have held on to your 1980s wardrobe for any reason, you probably A. love the 80s and B. either wish you knew of a place to wear them more often or already know of a few places that will work! If you know of some great events, locations and conferences where you can wear 80s fashion, be sure to comment in the chat and post your photos if you have them. 

In the meantime, try some of these ideas to better feature your 80s wardrobe...

You Might Be An 80s Kid If...

You've heard the phrase, "You might be a redneck if..." The famous Foxworthy joke has mutated into hundreds of variations, one of which is "You might be an 80s kid if..." So if you are an 80s kid, think about what this means to you! You might be an 80s kid if...

You watched Punky Brewster after school.

You woke up with Mr. Rogers or Big Bird as a preschooler.

You had a crush on Michael Jackson or Madonna.

You sang the lyrics to Small Wonder, Who's the Boss or Out of This World.

80s Throwback Fashion

When it comes to the 1980s, the fashion and style choices of the decade are simply unmatched. From the poofy hair (and sleeves) to the bright, crazy colors, it felt like a time when fashion attempted to become as modern as possible. If only stylists realized how quickly technology would change things only a decade or two later! Some people absolutely love the 80s styles while others are mortified by them, and all seem like they make a good case. 

Throwing a Totally Rad 80s House Party

Valentine’s Day is over, St. Patrick’s is coming up and you know what that means… the “official” holiday season is over! That means it’s time for some non-holiday related theme parties, and an 80s house party is one of the best themes. Not only is the playlist already set (use any 80s theme on Spotify or Pandora), but you probably already have the right outfit at home as well. Tease your hair or put on some sunglasses at night and poof, you’re set.

80s computer graphics: System 6 and Shatter

Oh those beautiful chunky dot matrix pixels!

This Metafilter post pointed me to a nifty online tool, which then transported me right back to the 80s. Programmer Gaspar Kortesi has created an in-browser tool to turn any image into something straight out of Mac's System 6. Oh, the dots! Those beautiful dots!

I grabbed a random image from my computer, and as soon as it was rendered in System 6 splendor I was instantly transported back to my high school newspaper class. We published a school paper done entirely on a Mac Classic. It was a painstaking work of love, since it wasn't an official school paper. I'm not even sure if we got school credit for it. But it felt like the future, to be making something like a school paper entirely on the computer.
That was about the time I discovered the comic Shatter, which also felt like the future. It was the first comic book created entirely on a computer. How revolutionary and bizarre it seemed, to imagine someone creating all that art with a computer mouse! 

What's a pay phone?

Days gone by

A couple of days ago, my daughter, wife and I were walking into the house when my seven-year-old daughter once again reminded me that the '80s are indeed past us as much as I keep trying to hold onto them.  She asked:  “Mommy, Daddy, what’s a pay phone?”  Amused by this, I was also somewhat saddened that we’ve found another icon that my daughter will never use.

As I’ve mentioned previously, she was totally confounded by the “time to go make the donuts” commercial.  At one time in the past, she even asked me who Evel Knievel was. It’s at this time that I should mention that she knows how to operate an iPhone much better than I do. One of these days I’m going to find a rotary dial phone for her to use and really freak her out.  I also need to find a pay phone for her to make a phone call on, even if she’s just calling her Mom’s cell phone.


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