80s Heartthrobs Before They Were Famous

These photos are so much fun!

Seeing all of our old crushes before they were famous isn't only a nice reminder that everyone starts somewhere, but it's also just plain fun to do. Some of my favorite 80s heartthrobs, like Wil Wheaton and River Phoenix, grew up on camera and were stars before they were even crush-worthy, so their before-and-after pics aren't as suprising as some others are. 

These photos of celebrities taken with "normal people" before they were famous are incredible. From Matt LeBlanc to Jamie Foxx, Leo DiCaprio to Adam Sandler, there's proof that everyone has a pre-fame history that we can all relate to. Many of the photos are of the celebs back when they dated their high school classmates, making them even more amusing.

Which photos do you like best? Do you have others to share?

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