80s Revival in Pop Culture

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Everything from 80s art to music to even clothing is making a retro comeback and those of us who are 80s fans can't get enough. My family even made 80s-themed bookmarks in a library class tonight that featured a retro theme that included how to fold paper notes. Granted, we did that in the 90s too, but it was still pretty nostalgic. My favorite 80s nod is Stranger Things, of course, and I can't get enough of that show or its many memes, merch and fandom nods, but what other 80s pop culture revivals do you love?

American Horror Story is coming out with one this fall, and I can't wait to catch up on Netflix's GLOW now that season three is up. The next Wonder Woman film is bound to be incredible. Modern comedies like Fresh Off the Boat, Wet Hot American Summer, Derry Girls and many others also take place in this time setting, so I want to know which is your favorite? There are many I haven't seen yet, so what's the best one to start with?

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