80s Trends We're Glad To See Go

Share your least favorites!

At That 80s Blog, we love the 80s and often get nostalgic about everything from My Little Pony to Dungeons and Dragons, but that doesn't mean that we loved everything about that time period. The rise of consumerism, the politics and yes, much of the hair was cringe-worthy, and we're not nostalgic for much of that! In fact, many of the politics of the 80s led to the problems we have today.

There are plenty of other things to dislike about the 80s, too, and if you don't believe me or get yuppie culture, just check out American Psycho or The Wedding Singer, both of which actually describe some of these issues fairly well. As an 80s kid, I can attest to these many things to hate about the 80s, too, but I think it's worse than the list suggest. How many of you were left in a car for who knows how long while your parents hung out with friends, amirite? I remember the times when said friend's driveway was next to the woods and I was terrified while my siblings slept next to me. Forget "no Gameboy," try just anxious to the point of paranoia!

What other terrible things about the 80s can you think of? Share them in the chat!

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