AHS Takes a Trip to the 80s

But without Paulson and Peters, will it work?

Season 10 of American Horror Story is visiting 80s slasher territory in AHS: 1984. So many different TV shows and movies are traveling back to the 80s for their plots and it's very exciting to see how some of them are depicted, particularly when they give us those nostalgic nods we're always looking for. Stranger Things has done it best, but we're also excited to see what Wonder Woman has to bring.

While I'm totally here for this 80s ride, I can't help be disappointed that two of my favorite stars, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, won't be returning. Sure, when Jessica Lange left, it didn't kill the series, but it sure did miss her. She was easily the most gifted member of the cast. Peters and Paulson, however, also make this show, and while some say that Ryan Murphy just needed a "clean slate," given that some other cast members are still returning, I have to wonder if, for Peters at least, it's simply because his ex Emma Roberts signed on before he did?

Hopefully we'll see all of our favorites reunined again for another season, if Murphy decides to do that along with all of his other projects. In the meantime, the soundtrack is already killer, and the summer camp trailer has teased some really classic 80s vibes to get us excited. What do you think of this season?

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