The Decade You Were Born

A series explores each decade

Did you know that there is a series of DVDs called The Decade You Were Born? Each one features a different decade, giving you a quick overview of everything that happened during your infancy and formative years while you were too busy learning to walk and use the toilet to watch the news. It's the perfect thing to watch if you don't remember the 80s at all yet you're proud to say, "I'm an 80s kid!"

In it, you'll learn how the 80s were a time of incredibly fast changing technology, while simultaneously being the time of the arcade and video store. That sounds "so retro" to many of us while being breathtakingly amazing to the people who preceded that generation. Learn about MTV, 21 Jump Street, 80s commercials and much more.

Have you seen any of the videos in this series? Do you think they do a good job of covering most of what happened during that time?

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