Jeff Goldblum Themed Pop Tarts

Do you agree with these pairings?

Oh, Internet. Sometimes you are so weird yet perfect we can't help but hug you. Take, for example, the people pairing different flavors of Pop-Tarts with one of our favorite 80s (and current) movie actors, Jeff Goldblum.  Don't get too excited; nobody is making Jeff Goldblum faces on Pop-Tarts, or even naming them after the star. They're just choosing current flavors to match his looks. It's still hilarious and you have to see it!

If you really want fan-imprints on your breakfast, fear not; there are 80s icon toasters you can get that will toast the Death Star, among other things, into your bread! There's a new Captain Marvel one I'd love to get my hands on, but it's definitely not an 80s item.

Do you agree with these Jeff Goldblum matches? Which ones would you add or change?

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