Patrick Nagel Makes A Comeback

Do you remember any of these 80s works of art?

80s nostalgia is running high right now, and we're totally here for it. Along with the nostalgia is a resurgence of popularity of many things 80s, including notable artist Patrick Nagel, who was known for many iconic 80s works, such as the album art for Duran Duran's Rio album. Nagel has since passed away, but many people are coming back to his art now that the 80s are getting big again.

Nagel's works were often a matter of debate, particularly with people who thought it to be rather low-brow or commercial and sexual rather than "serious" art, but it's such an 80s staple that when many of us look at it, we only see 80s culture and not the silly elements discussed by critics. The thing is, many things that the 80s were known for fall from the same tree, so it makes sense for the art to mirror the time period it was made in.

What do you think of Nagel's art? Were you a fan then, or are you a fan now? Tell us your thoughts in the chat.

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