Stranger Things Left Me With All the Feels

How are you holding up after season three?

Spoilers ahead! 

Is anyone else still reeling with feels after binging season three of Stranger Things, which is pretty much what we did for the Fourth of July this year? Holy. Cow. I can't even. First of all, the series was more Totally Eighties! than ever, which I loved. I loved Max and Eleven becoming friends, the gruesome gore of the season, Hopper trying to deal with parenthood and his and Joyce's relationship. There are some things I didn't love, of course, but I felt like it was a really good season. 

Does anyone else feel like there needs to be more empahsis on poor Will? He's either missing or possessed, and when he's finally just himself, he doesn't get much airtime except to be ignored or to develop his own Peter Tingle. And (major spoilers here), does anyone feel like Hopper's alive? I'm pretty sure he is,but I also think the Duffers are baiting us with "the American." I think that might actually be Dr. Brenner, and that Hopper is in the Upside Down or elsewhere. He definitely wasn't on the platform when it blew, and the same music that played when Will was thought to be dead in season one played for him. Hmm. Call the number used on the show for Murray's place for an extra hint if you haven't yet! (Another totally 80s thing to do, by the way.)

What did you think of this season? Share your thoughts in the chat! 

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