Teen Drinking Peaked in the 1980s

It wasn't all fingerless gloves and Moon Walking.

Many people recall the 1980s as a time of nostalgia and indulgence, when Saturday morning cartoons reigned supreme and there weren't "boy aisles" and "girl aisles" for toys. Although the 80s had their moments we remain wistful for today, they were far from perfect. From the Cold War to Reaganomics, yuppie culture and everything Christian Bale hated in American Psycho, there was plenty to dislike, including teen drinking.

Teen drinking has plummeted since that time period, which should be celebrated. Drinking is dangerous for still-developing teens, and regular over-drinking is more dangerous than pot smoking yet remains legal, and today's teens drink almost 40% less. So what are they up to now? 

Unfortunately today's teens seem to be sexually active (and sexually mature) at younger ages, and they have more access to prescription drugs than ever with so many of their parents taking them on a regular basis. There are still plenty of dangers that teens face, which seem exacerbated by the Internet and the ready availability of every vice, but at least binge drinking is down.

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