January 2012

That's The 80s!

The 80s was a wonderful time in American culture. Not only did we see a growth in all areas in terms of music and theater, there was also a lot of growth in the fashion industry. Even many fancy dress costume parties will have an 80s theme.

From movies to music to fashion, the 80s had it all. In terms of movies, there were great films such as Michael J. Fox's "Back To The Future". Sci-Fi lovers were able to watch Star Wars and Star Trek on the big screen. Other 80s movies included "Weekend at Bernies," "48hrs" and Molly Ringwall's "Sixteen Candles" and the very popular "Dead Poets Society".

Favorite Films Featuring John Candy

Follow that Bird, Uncle Buck and Cool Runnings.

I watched Uncle Buck the other night, and I was pleasantly reminded what an amazing actor John Candy was. His extreme facial expressions and perfect comic timing were only matched by the heart and love he expressed in his characters. We all know that John Candy died of a heart attack at the age of 43, but I didn’t know that he’d made a real push to loose weight and improve his health in the last years of his life. He would have done more had he lived, but let’s take a look at some of his best and most enduring movies: