February 2012

Sad day in Chardon, Ohio

Tragedy in my hometown

I’m sitting here in my living room nearly numb.  I look at my daughter and have an un-imaginable feeling of thankfulness, although very sad that some parents about 30 miles north of me don’t have that luxury tonight.  Why am I sharing this in an ‘80’s blog?  I graduated from Chardon High School in Ohio in 1989.  To me, Chardon High School was a huge portion of the 1980’s. 

Iron Maiden: En Vivo

En Vivo to be released March 27, 2012

Iron Maiden was known in the 1980’s as metal masters.  They are back at it again in 2012 with the release of their new CD, DVD, and Blue Ray entitled En Vivo. 

En Vivo will be released in the United States and Canada on March 27th, 2012.  En Vivo is a live recording that was recorded on April 10th 2011 in Santiago, Chile in front of over 50,000 screaming Chilean Iron Maiden Fans.  The concert was part of the ‘Round the World in 66 days leg of The Final Frontier World Tour. 

Iron Maiden still rocks with the energy that they had when they ruled the metal scene in the ‘80’s.  Bruce Dickinson can still prowl the stage and own the crowd like he never missed a beat.

‘Maiden was formed on Christmas Day in 1975 by bass guitarist Steve Harris in England. Harris is still with the band and is the only current member to have been with the band since their inception. They won “DVD of the Year” at the 2010 Juno Awards for Iron Maiden:  Flight 666.  

Nobody's Fool

In my humble opinion, one of the finest achievements of the 1980’s was the birth of Hair Metal. From the music itself, to the fashion and of course the hair, the world was taken by storm. I fell victim to the grasp of the music a few years back when I started to go see a local eighties metal tribute band play out in the bars around town. Originally driven to the show because the drummer and the bass player were my boyfriend’s brothers, I was hooked from the first set.

The Next Generation - A Christmas Mission

This year for Christmas, in an attempt to make sure that my nephews grow up as cool as possible, I decided that they were getting some of my favorite childhood movies on DVD. Personally, I think modern children’s television and movies are pretty atrocious and could never compare to the Muppets, Fievel or the Fraggles. Exposing the boys to the things I watched as a kid became my mission and I selected two movies for stage one. Since Rudolph, Frostyand Charley Brown still air every year, I made my picks a little different…

80s Television: The Facts of Life

Mrs Garrett and the Girls...

One popular 80s television show was the “Facts of Life”. This show featured the crazy lives of four young girls and Mrs. Garrett at a prestigious boarding school. At the beginning of the television show, it shows that the girls get into a food fight and are forced to live together in the school’s cafeteria with Mrs. Garrett. This is punishment for them given out by the Eastland School they attend. The time while they are under Mrs Garrett’s care teaches them to get along.