May 2017

80s Hair Band Mix

If there's any music that the 80s will forever be known for, it's hair band music. These bands had enough hair per person to craft two wigs, a pair of slippers and a small dog, but they also had some pretty epic rifts, making guitars squeal for days. To open a can of nostalgia, all you have to do is put on some Poison, Bon Jovi or Ratt and get transported back to that visceral time.

80s Throwback Fashion

When it comes to the 1980s, the fashion and style choices of the decade are simply unmatched. From the poofy hair (and sleeves) to the bright, crazy colors, it felt like a time when fashion attempted to become as modern as possible. If only stylists realized how quickly technology would change things only a decade or two later! Some people absolutely love the 80s styles while others are mortified by them, and all seem like they make a good case. 

New Alien Movie Coming to Theaters

80s kids, rejoice: Alien is back and it looks pretty awesome. Alien: Covenant is hitting theaters on May 19 and the buzz around the movie looks pretty promising. Not only does the film star Katherine Waterston and Michael Fassbender, but it also seems relevant to our world today. Stephen Hawking says that humans have about 100 years left on Earth before it's unfit for us to live on anymore, and the film deals with couples who opted to travel to a new planet and help colonize it for human survival.