June 2017

Your 80s Music Fix

When it comes to getting your 80s music fix, what is your go-to source for music? In 2017 there is no shortage of options! Here are a few great choices:

Youtube. This is a great way to make sure you get your lyrics right (as long as the videos have the correct lyrics!), find new playlists and listen without paying or logging into something.

Spotify. This is another free option as long as you don't use Premium, and there are lots of playlists. You can make your own, too.

New Stranger Things Spoilers!

Have you heard that season two of Stranger Things will consist of nine episodes instead of eight (as the previous season had)? That's pretty exciting news, but wait, there's more! While the second season will definitely take some new directions, we can still expect the chapter per episode format that fans appreciated from season one. The Stephen King effect really adds to the mood of the show.

80s Movies That Deserve a Remake

For many movie lovers, remakes are getting pretty stale. "When is Hollywood going to come up with an actual original movie?" they wonder, while others claim that originality just isn't even possible anymore. Purists still say that it's lazy movie-making to regurgitate the same stories on a modern scale, even if there are better opportunities through special effects. Some classics are wonderful because they lack the effects, after all.

Saved by the Bell Cafe is Coming

Have you heard the news? A Saved by the Bell restaurant is headed to L.A. Dubbed Saved by the Max, it is complete with arcade games, decor and the classic booths that you associate with the show that debuted in 1989 and made up the majority of your 90s childhood alongside Full House. Yes, you can even order a Bayside Burger, but you have to find out when the pop-up restaurant is opening first!