July 2017

What 80s Movies Do You Want to See Rebooted?

Speaking of The Goonies... hmm. How many would call it sacriligious if a girls' Goonies film came out? Girls or none (both would be fun, I say), you know when Chunk says he'll never go on more of Mikey's "crazy Goonie adventures" again (and immediately does just that)? I really want to see those other crazy adventures! It's too bad they can't CGI the boys back to being tweens... 

Celebrating Duran Duran

Hungry Like the Wolf. Ordinary World. Duran Duran has left a fun yet meaningful impact on the world. Is it time to honor them by adding them to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Some say yes, and whether or not you agree, you can't deny that the English new wave pop group has had a lasting effect on fans across the globe. In fact, they are still touring after forming in the late 1970s, which is more than most bands can say!

Are you a Xennial?

Were you born between 1977 and 1982? If so, you are part of a microgeneration that is now known as the Xennial generation. This generation is part Gen X and part Millennial, part pessimist and part optimist. These people are the last of their kind who spent their childhoods outside without updating their social networks with their life statuses, but they entered into the technological world in their late teens and 20s and are still savvy about it.